Stylish Neckwear to Enhance your Outfit

Stylish Neckwear Adds Flair to Staff Uniforms

The most affordable way to add a stylish look to ordinary hospitality uniforms is with the right neckwear. Choose the same colors in ascots, ties, bowties and scarves, or mix up the palette to best complement the setting, theme and ambiance of your restaurant, spa, hotel or resort. Bowties or neckties in subtle to bold colors for men and women from our neckwear collections at Sharper Uniforms have become signature looks for the staff of celebrated caterers and resorts.

Dress up any hotel, restaurant or catering uniform shirt with one of our satin-finish bow ties. The secret behind the polished look is that this is a no-hassles clip-on bow tie, and one size fits all. Bring this stylish look up a notch by pairing bow ties with our premium-quality, but very affordably priced hospitality industry men’s vests and stylish vests for women. Because we offer neckwear at lower prices with bulk-buy discounts, we’re also becoming the go-to source to meet the non-uniform neckwear needs of community associations, choirs, clubs and college campus organizations.

formal neckwear for uniforms

Some in the hospitality industry once upon a time disdained classic neckties as a time-consuming burden for a staff with varying skill levels in the art of tying a necktie. Today, the popular choice is zippered neckties. These are pre-tied neckties. Slip the tie’s self-adjusting loop over your head, and then zip it up from behind using the hidden-from-view zipper.

To achieve a formal uniform look, choose neckties, scarves, ascots or bowties in premium fabrics in solid colors or subtle patterns. Less formal and casual hospitality uniforms can be dressed up with bolder colors or patterns in contemporary neckwear styles. Savvy hospitality industry apparel collections include two sets – one set of neckwear for everyday use and another set for special events. This year’s popular alternative to women’s uniform bowties or neckties is our rosette ties for women in a poly/satin blend. This versatile look easily segues from everyday to formal occasions, as does the feminine look of our women’s tulip ties.

Prepare for the Holidays with Formal Wear and Uniforms

Hospitality Uniforms Dressed Up for the Holidays

Dress up hospitality staff uniforms for the holidays with classic formal wear or just a few colorful accessories. The smartest investment is in durable tuxedo attire that can be donned for Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day and other holidays. Plus, those tuxedos for men and women can be used for weddings, galas and other money-making events at your hotel, restaurant, resort or club.

However, if yours is a casual venue where the house uniform is a shirt or tee with black pants or jeans, go for inexpensive accessories. At Sharper Uniforms, our affordably priced bow ties in holiday colors can add cheerful hues to your staff’s apparel. Or, invest in our v-neck tuxedo apron that can be donned over a tuxedo shirt and dress pants or T-shirt and jeans. These formal-look wait staff aprons for men and women have divided centers to mimic the look of the front of a tuxedo jacket. Pair them with red or green bow ties for Christmas, glittery colors for New Year’s, pink and/or red on Valentine’s and pastel colors for Easter or receptions.

Tuxedo apparel is the go-to choice in hospitality industry uniforms for front desk staff, waiters, bartenders, hosts, guides, valet staff and doormen. Holiday accessories such as sprigs of holly for boutonnieres or women’s hair decorations or bow ties in holiday hues can add extra flair. Change accessories for different occasions.

ladies and mens tuxedo shirts

Because we serve the hospitality industry, corporate clients, convention planners and caterers, we curate collections of durable easy-care formal wear for men and women in sizes that can range from extra-small to 6XL for men and sizes 2 to 28 for women. Among our tuxedo shirt styles, our most popular are white traditional tuxedo shirts for men and white  classic tuxedo shirts for women.

Pair these shirts with men’s tuxedo pants in black with satin side stripes with comfort-fit waistbands for those long holiday work schedules and our classic tuxedo pants for women with satin side stripes and smooth no-bulky-pockets construction. We also carry women’s dressy tuxedo skirts in side slit, below-the-knee, and above-the-knee and floor-length banquet styles. For an extra flourish, consider our inexpensive 12-packs of one-size white gloves. If your budget says no to tuxedo shirts plus formal slacks, invest in the tuxedo shirts as the most visible formal wear for your staff. Substitute plain black pants or skirts for the tuxedo pants or skirts

This Just In: New Washable Suits and Microfiber Suits

Since the earliest days of film and television characters have undergone tremendous physical feats while wearing two-piece suits — Sean Connery as James Bond, Cary Grant in North by Northwest, or Brad Pitt in Ocean’s Eleven. However, anybody who owns a suit knows that the slightest brush against dirty bench, or a smudge of lipstick can call for a trip to the drycleaners. Not to mention, the rigidity in most suit-fabrics hardly allow you to bend over to pick up a fallen pen, let alone jump from one rooftop to the next. Any person who’s attempted to live a life of adventure dressed in a suit is inevitably on a first name basis with the local tailor, dry-cleaner, and suit salesman, because suits have never been designed for the active lifestyle.

Fortunately, as our understanding of fabric evolves, exciting new possibilities emerge. For the first time Sharper Uniforms is offering fully Washable Microfiber Suits. Now you can keep your suit perfectly clean without the hassle of stopping by the dry-cleaner on your way to and from work. You can wash these suits yourself from home, at your own convenience.

washable microfiber suits

To boot, the cross-stitched fabrics allow for more stretch than a typical suit, which means your dreams of winning an impromptu game of office volleyball may become a reality. Expand your daily horizons by sitting cross-legged on the ground, riding a bike, or pitching a softball without feeling constricted. Don’t let the flexibility fool you, though, these classy suits don’t sacrifice design or style. The narrow notched lapels will give you a contemporary flare, combined with the on-trend two-button jacket.

Look great, save time and money, and simplify your life. Next time you see a butterfly, try to catch it. If you see somebody about to slip, dive to save them. If you’re challenged to hopscotch, don’t turn your back – you got this. These cutting-edge suits keep clean lines and well-tailored shapes and make a great addition to any professional’s wardrobe.

Sharper Uniforms at the HX Hospitality Show

Sharper Uniforms is excited to join the industry’s finest professionals at HX 2016: The Hotel Experience, Rooms to Restaurants. North America’s largest hospitality trade show, this event allows leaders from around the globe to come together and see what’s available, and Sharper Uniforms won’t disappoint. As one of the premier uniform suppliers in the industry, this is a tremendous opportunity to showcase the incredible spectrum of merchandise available and help usher in the future of apparel in these highly competitive industries. Every year offers groundbreaking discoveries in the world of fabrics, design, manufacturing, and style, and this year it will all be on the table, or booth in this case.

Visit us at Booth #2349 and let’s explore what’s possible, together. See you there!


Time to Restock Aprons for the Fall Season

For many businesses, fall is the perfect time to restock supplies. The busy summer months are in the rearview mirror. The hectic pace of the holidays are looming. It provides the perfect time to make a change. This can include restocking key pieces of apparel, including your aprons.

The change in weather also offers the opportunity to integrate a new apron. This also presents a chance to select an apron that may be designed with a little heavier material.  The available designs also protect the clothes of your staff from spills, splashes and other stains. Sharper Uniforms offers a wide range of uniforms, from standard aprons, half bistro aprons, three-pocket aprons, bib aprons and waist aprons.

The perfect apron also will be made out of different materials like poly-cotton blends for durability. These food service aprons vary in length to provide more or less coverage, even in the fall. Selecting a pocketed bib apron can be perfect for utensils, pads, pens and more.

Waist Aprons for the Fall

Colors and styles also can be switched up in the fall to coordinate to your business colors or the upcoming holidays. It also is important to select an apron that is durable. They also should be designed to withstand heavy use and frequent trips through the wash and dryer.

This fall, key fashion influences continue to be a key driver to uniform and apron trends. Materials and designs create a trendy style. Even chain restaurants are trying to create a more casual appearance for its staff.

As a result, as you take the opportunity to restock your apron supply, style remains important. The selection can be just as important as your menu. It also can be a perfect opportunity to enhance brand awareness.

Aprons are subjected to heavy wear and tear. It is imperative to select a high-quality apron that will look as good next month as it does the day you take it out of the packaging. Seeking input from your staff also can help you determine which features are most important and ensure you are making the right investment as you restock aprons this fall.

Update Your Look for the Fall: Blouses, Shirts and Neckwear

As the leaves turn from green to vibrant hues of yellow, orange and red, it signals another change of season. It also signals a change in the cloths that you wear. It also is important to accessorize with complimentary neckwear.

Smart professionals look for a perfect mix of style, comfort and performance in their blouses, shirts and neckwear. Styles today are ranging from V-neck and cowl-neck blouse to smart and stylish long-sleeve French-cut blouses.

You also can simplify your life with a uniform, simply slipping on a favorite blouse before heading off to work. The next day, you do the same thing. The key is to define a personal uniform that is easy to maintain and doesn’t need an update with every season.

This fall, you can take advantage of that strategy with stylish offerings from Sharper Uniforms. You can never have too many three-quarter sleeve blouses, especially with a little flair like our smart no-iron server blouse. It will make you look more like Jennifer Konnor and less like a manager, waiter or hostess.


A uniform blouse doesn’t have to be a bland, styleless fashion statement. Options include cotton-poly blends and designs that feature a flattering fit.  The choice of a daily blouse doesn’t have to be difficult, and it can be accessorized by fashionable neckwear. It can serve as a perfect counterpoint to any outfit. Ties, ascots and scarves all serve to dress up any blouse or shirt.

In the past, women’s neckwear has been rooted in a uniform look. Whether it is a service-based industry or the military, neckwear for women has traditionally been limited to formal ties.

This fall, experimentation is the norm as women are doing different things with the once-formal piece of neckwear. While the necktie isn’t likely to become a fixture of women’s wardrobes, even for uniforms, it can provide a nice chance of pace in any professional or retail setting.

Women’s ensembles also can be capped with a smart ascot or scarf that can be color coordinated to match men’s ties. Typically considered formal, the ascot’s name is derived from the annual Royal Ascot even hosted by the Ascot Racecourse. Many options come in easy-to-care-for polyester. Colors and styles can complement fall fashions. For fall work fashions, the ascot can be the perfect uniform accessory. It can work in a dressy casual outfit. Scarves are best suited for more casual activities.

Visit Sharper Uniforms online to browse our complete inventory of blouses and neckwear for fall. We feature the latest styles and materials that provide comfort and style.

New Spa Uniforms at Sharper Uniforms

At Sharper Uniforms, we’ve been the go-to resource for business uniforms for years. From restaurant servers and security staff to nurses and hospitality workers, we’re always looking to provide professional attire for a variety of industries. That’s why we’ve added this new collection of spa uniforms. When you work in the spa and salon industry, you know that combining a clean, professional appearance with stylish details is a must-have for success. Each of the uniform designs in this collection is a great fit for creating a warm and welcoming environment for customers.

Comfort Meets Style

Spa and salon workers tend to spend long days on their feet. Whether they are providing massages, facials, manicures, pedicures or other beauty services, having great range of motion is important when choosing uniforms for workers in this industry.

Spa Uniforms

Our spa uniforms are made with comfortable, breathable materials that keep staff members feeling great all day long. At the same time, they won’t have to sacrifice when it comes to style. Despite stretchy fabrics and comfortable fits, these spa and salon uniforms feature stylish cuts in a range of beautiful colors that make staff members look chic and stylish.

Setting a Professional Tone

Another important facet of salon and spa uniforms is that they must convey a professional look. You want it to be clear that your staff is well-trained, proficient and skilled, especially since they work so closely with customers. The crisp, clean look of each of our spa uniforms sets the right tone for this type of business. These pieces are easy to keep looking clean and fresh, so customers will always feel comfortable having personal services performed in your establishment.

Check out the entire line of spa uniforms and salon uniforms at Sharper Uniforms. In addition to our stylish uniform tunics, smocks, polos and pants, you’ll also find handy accessories like spa robes and towels.

Labor Day Uniform Preparations

As summer draws to a close, it’s time to think about transitioning your staff uniforms. Those light and airy pieces used during the warmer months may need to be swapped out for new items to accommodate the fall temperature. Plus, you’ll want to consider choosing seasonal colors that look great for this time of the year. After all, there’s a reason they say you should never wear white after Labor Day!

Fashion rule aside, there are plenty of reasons to check out Sharper Uniforms as summer comes to an end. Find a great selection of Labor Day uniforms that will get your staff looking sharp for the seasons ahead.

Labor Day Uniforms

Layered Attire

One of the great ways to spruce up uniforms after Labor Day is to incorporate some layering pieces. You’ll find that Sharper Uniforms has a great selection of clothing that will let staff adjust to the varying temperatures that occur around this transitional time of the year. From blazers and jackets to pull-over sweaters and button-up cardigans, you’ll be able to find just what you need to keep your staff comfortable. These are great ways to add color to worker uniforms while also keeping a professional and stylish look.

Industry-Specific Attire

One of the benefits of shopping at Sharper Uniforms is that you’ll find fall uniforms for a variety of business types. We have chic and sophisticated outfits for those working in hotels, restaurants, casinos and country clubs. Meanwhile, those who wear smocks or scrubs will find that working in a hospital, health clinic, salon or spa doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice when it comes to style. Instead, you’ll be able to find seasonal uniforms that allow your staff to feel comfortable while also looking sharp on the job.

Check out the entire selection of autumn and summer uniforms to find a fresh look for your staff. And remember that most of our styles can be customized with the colors and embellishment that you desire, including embroidery, silk screening and heat seal transfers.

Summer Sale Items at Sharper Uniforms

Why We Rely on Summer Sales to Outfit Our Hospitality Staff

In today’s economy, outfitting your hospitality staff can prove costly unless you zero in on the best sales. Summer sales offer an extraordinary opportunity to take advantage of overstocks in restaurant, hotel or country club uniforms. Before new fall and winter introductions of hospitality apparel, you can find great bargains on spa, resort, country club and casino uniforms.

Because good-looking uniforms rarely go out of style, this is an industry that doesn’t have to rely on next-season trends for your employees to present a polished, professional look. The best summer hospitality industry uniform sales are at Averill’s Sharper Uniforms, and most apparel is made in America for superb quality and durability.

Summer Clothing

Among this summer’s best buys are Sharper Uniforms’ best-selling royal blue half bistro aprons. Each of these U.S.-made restaurant aprons has one center divided pocket, extra-long apron strings, expertly finished ends and a rectangular waist. It’s a sharp look in a deep blue shade that will complement staff apparel and your décor for any season. Our cotton poly blend aprons resist soil and wrinkles. Like regular apparel on sale all year, summer sale uniform shirts, aprons, jackets and vests can be customized with logos or names printed or embroidered directly onto each piece.

This summer, you’ll also find marvelous deals on stylish kitchen baseball caps, restaurant aprons and staff favorites like Extreme Performance moisture-wicking polo shirts for men and women. Shop this year’s lowest prices on brocade banquet vests, quilted hotel jackets for women, chef’s pants and premium chef coats. Summer is the time to shop for uniform accessories like silk ties and loop ascots, too.

A resort staff favorite now on sale is the Sahar women’s spa jacket with flattering princess seams front and back, mandarin collars and stylish, easy-movement six-inch side slits. This spa/salon jacket has two lower pockets and elbow-length sleeves.  These American-crafted spa jackets rely on exclusive arcDry technology to wick away moisture and arcRelease fabrics that easily release soil when laundered. A touch of spandex has been added for a better fit.  So start shopping, and save. But remember: like summer, these sales won’t last for long.

Shorts and Pants for Cool and Breezy Summer Uniforms

For the dog days of summer, there are special clothing requirements to ensure that wait staff at restaurants, bars, country clubs and other establishments are appropriately dressed and comfortable. Sharper Uniform carries a wide selection of professional clothing for uniforms, from casual to fancy, that will give those who serve the public that essential air of confidence and sophistication. It goes without saying that the more comfortable they are, the more professional an appearance they’ll convey.

The key to comfortable uniforms in warm weather is keeping your cool. A moisture-wicking fabric is the best choice for active staff during warm summer days and steamy nights. This type of fabric will pull moisture away from your body to the outer layer, where it will then evaporate, causing a cooling sensation. Synthetic fibers like polyester create a fabric that has excellent moisture-wicking properties.

Summer Uniform Clothing

Our shorts selection includes utility chino shorts for men and chino shorts for ladies. These moisture wicking shorts also have superior soil release, which means they’re easy to keep clean, in addition to keeping the wearer cool and comfortable. Professional yet sporty, these chino shorts are ideal for resort employees or servers in casual dining facilities. For a more formal look for the ladies, we offer the 100 percent polyester tuxedo shorts. Whether it’s an outdoor wedding reception or a formal party, these are sophisticated shorts for catering professionals or hotel poolside wait staff. There are also men’s and ladies’ moisture wicking microfiber shorts and flat front cargo shorts for men and women that include several convenient pockets and are made from a comfortable poly/cotton blended fabric.

For summer evening uniforms or when shorts are a bit too casual, we have a wide selection of long pants made from lighter, moisture wicking materials. There are sleekly designed polyester low rise, flat front pants for ladies, men’s easy fit chino pants and chino cargo pants for women. The moisture wicking fabrics tend to be easy care as well, appropriate for the lazy, hazy days of summer.